Helen Hanttu joins Redgate Wealth as head of sales

Helen Hanttu

Helen Hanttu, who has over 10 years of experience as wealth manager at Finnish third-largest fund management company, Evli, joins Redgate Wealth, Redgate Capital’s investment management business unit.

Helen will be leading a team of client relationship managers as well as investment specialists to build long-term superior strategies for wealth management.

“I am truly excited to embark on this new chapter. With over a decade of experience in wealth management at Finland’s third-largest fund management company and the award-winning long-term portfolio management, Evli, I am eager to contribute my knowledge and skills to help Redgate Wealth achieve its goal of becoming a beacon of excellence in wealth management in the Baltic,” Helen commented.


Redgate Wealth is Redgate Capital’s investment management business unit, which helps investors make smart investments as well as diversify their portfolios by participating in private deals, local success stories and alternative asset classes – alongside global investments.