Seminar: how to prepare for company’s merger and acquisition?

Starting from 7th March of 2013, Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry will organise seminars on corporate mergers and acquisitions.

Lecturers are Mr. Aare Tammemäe, Senior Partner of the consulting company Redgate Capital, and Mr. Sven Papp, Partner of the law firm Raidla Lejins & Norcous and head of the corporate law and transaction field.

Sven Papp and Aare Tammemäe, experts in the field of sale and acquisition of companies with a long-term experience, will give a comprehensive overview about the company’s selling process until its implementation, and will give practical advice on how to prepare for the merger or acquisition and how to achieve the desired result.

Seminar will give practical advice for both buyers and sellers of the company. Speakers will put economic and legal aspects into a coherent whole, which will provide a comprehensive and highly practical and effective approach.

The following topics will be discussed:

We will consider the growth of the companies through mergers and acquisitions. What are the main reasons behind the purchase and sale transactions? We will talk about the preparation for the purchase (finding and choosing the object) and selling (preparing the objects for transactions, tender documentation and choosing potential buyers, offers and pre-negotiation) transactions. We will go through the structure of transaction, protocol of intentions, confidentiality agreement. We will explain, what is transaction’s due diligence (DD and VDD), and documents.

We will talk about the methods of evaluating the company, the logic behind calculating the final price, talk about essential points of financing the transaction and negotiation, find out what has to be kept in mind while signing the contract (approval of the subject, responsibility). We will explain the inception of the transaction and its pre- and post-conditions.

Seminar will answer to the following questions:

  • Whether to sell and when to sell?
  • What would be the fair price?
  • How to prepare the business for sale and what to do to maximise the value of the company?
  • How to prepare the process of sale and carry it out effectively?
  • How to act if you want to purchase a company?