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Bonds issued by Baltic companies

IssuerCoupon rate %Maturity dateIssue size, EURMarketplace
Storent Investments8,0030.06.202010 000 000Riga
Creditstar10,5001.12.202010 000 000
Endover Aurora Nova11,0014.12.202010 500 000
Creditstar12,0001.06.202115 000 000
BC Arenduse Veskimöldre9,0019.06.20213 031 000
Magnetic MRO8,0021.12.20218 000 000First North
IuteCredit Europe A1213,0015.05.20225 000 000
Creditstar11,5001.06.202215 000 000
Mainor Ülemiste5,5005.04.202310 000 000First North
PlusPlus Capital9,0030.10.20235 000 000
PlusPlus Capital10,0031.08.202110 000 000

Table is serviced for the market overview purposes and is not to be considered offering of securities.

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Recent transactions

Capital raising

Senior Secured Bond Issue 40 MEUR

IuteCredit Finance S.à r.l. regional sales agent

Lead manager KNG Securities LLP

Capital raising

Senior Secured Bond Issue 50 MEUR

Nortal AS local manager

Global Coordinator Pareto Securities AB

Capital raising

Bond issue 8 MEUR, admittance to trading on MTF First North

Adviser to Magnetic MRO AS

Legal adviser
Ellex Raidla

Capital raising

Bond issue 1.5 MEUR

Adviser to UAB Kauno FEZ infrastruktura

Legal adviser SORAINEN

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Investment options

Corporate loans

Baltic companies raise capital also in form of private loans, whereby a loan agreement is signed between the investor and the company. Such loans are often used to finance transactions or growth investments. We create opportunities to contribute to the growth of selected companies.

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Corporate bonds

Corporate bonds offer fixed term maturity and return. A corporate bond, in essence, is a loan provided by multiple investors, on standardized terms, and with a possibility for secondary market transactions.

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A mezzanine loan is less familiar to Baltic investors. It combines features of debt and equity. Usually with a risk level similar to equity investments, but with a fixed maturity and return, with a pre-agreed upside to compensate for its higher risk.

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Investing into company shares makes you a co-owner of the company. This asset class involves the highest value growth potential, but also the highest risk.

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Investing into securities involves risk

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