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We will share our knowledge of investing and help you find the investment path that suits you best.

We create convenient access to global markets and securities, as well as opportunities in over-the-counter trading, local success stories, and alternative asset classes.

Investment management services are provided by Redgate Wealth

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We create new opportunities

As a team, we at Redgate Capital have been in the middle of the local capital market for decades, right in between the corporates and investors. We are privileged to have a constant insight into what the corporates want and need – and whether or not it is of interest to investors.

Fast developments of the local investment culture encouraged us to become increasingly focused on investors and their needs. We are well-aware that at the time when local and global capital markets enable various investment strategies, a vast amount of those remains unreachable for the local investor. We are confident, that investors need a better service.

In February 2023, we launched a wealth management business line, assisting investors with trading and safekeeping of their assets. This is just a starting point, as we will be adding new services and opportunities.

New services and opportunities, for local investors.

Our values:

1. Expertise. Our team members have decades of experience in financial sector. We possess deep understanding of capital markets, being particularly strong within the corporate bond segment.

2. Professionalism. We always aim for excellent result and best solution. Both individually and as a team we always comply with high ethical standards.

3. Communication. We are always easily approachable for questions and discussion. We keep client informed about the market trends and the performance of their portfolio.

4. Responsiveness. We are close to our client, ready to respond to client’s changing needs and circumstances, adjusting also our service.

5. Objectivity. At any point of time we are objective and ensure that no personal bias or conflict of interest affects the information we present to the client.

Responsible persons

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