See who made the most accurate economic forecast for 2012 (Postimees, in Estonian)

The year 2012 was one of those years when the economical growth was stable. Economic growth, inflation and average wages were slightly higher than expected, but the difference between predictions and reality was less than a percentage point. The most worth mentioning was the fact that unemployment rate dropped rather quickly – in the third quarter it was below 10%. No one could foresee the fall of the  Euribor.

The most accurate analysts of 2012

1. Swedbank     58,0*
2. Marfini Bank    56,5
3. DNB Bank    50,0
4.–5. Estonian Institute of Economic Research    48,5
4.–5. Nordea Bank    48,5
6. Redgate Capital    48,0
7. Postimees    47,5
8. Ministry of Finance    45,5
9. LHV Bank    43,0
10. Heido Vitsur (Arengufond)    42,0
11. Tarkinvestor    40,5

* total number of scored points – the most accurate forecast scored 11 points and the least accurate 1 point.
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