Redgate facilitated corporate seminar on „Company Valuations and Acquisitions“

The seminar was held on May 15th 2012 in EBS Executive Training Centre in Tallinn and moderated partly by Redgate Capital’s Senior Partner Mr Aare Tammemäe.

The seminar participants were introduced various company valuation methods. In addition a real-life case was introduced where the participants were divided into buyers and sellers. The participants had to conduct the valuation of business and implement various negotiations tactics to reach the deal. The seminar aimed at business leaders and financial specialists in Estonia. There were a total of 18 participants.

The seminar was moderated by three business professionals: Mr Aare Tammemäe – Redgate Capital’s senior partner, Ms Hele Hammer – EBS’s Professor of Finance and Telema’s partner and Mr Risto Vahimets – law firm TARK GRUNTE SUTKIENE’s senior associate and partner.