Redgate Capital was the most accurate to deliver 2010 economic forecast (Postimees, in Estonian)

Economic forecast made by Redgate Capital was the most accurate as well as the most optimistic out of various forecasts delivered to the information portal E24 by Estonian investment banks and financial experts.

“We do not forecast shocks and turns in the economic development. Recovery from the crisis should continue both on the global and local level. Global economy does not leave us unaffected, and we see our own benefits from that”, comments Andrei Zaborski, Fund Manager of Redgate Asset Management.

The most accurate analysts of 2010

1. Redgate Capital    80,5*
2. LHV Pank    75,5
3. Eesti Pank    71,0
4. Konjunktuuriinstituut    65,5
5. Postimees/E24    62,5
6. Rahandusministeerium    60,5
7. Marfin Pank Eesti    53,5
8. Nordea Pank Eesti    52,5
9. DnB Nord Grupp    50,5
10. Swedbank Markets    43,0
11.    41,0
12. East Capital    36,5
13. Heido Vitsur   (Arengufond)    35,5

*) total number of scored points – the most accurate forecast scored 13 points and the least accurate 1 point.

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