Redgate Capital was granted an additional authorization for various investment services

Redgate Capital, a leading investment banking company in the Baltics, expands its financial services portfolio by starting to offer investment advice and ancillary services in the near future in Estonia. Latvian and Lithuanian activities will be registered with the authority soon. The Estonian supervisory authority Finantsinspektsioon issued an authorization for various investment services on 17 January, 2022.

“Redgate Capital’s new license authorization enables us to provide additionally various investment services first in Estonia and then during next steps in Latvia and Lithuania” said Valeria Kiisk, Partner and Member of the Board at Redgate Capital. “This includes the right to hold and manage client securities on Redgate’s accounts. In addition, Redgate Capital can provide general investment recommendations and advise clients about their securities transactions.”

According to Valeria Kiisk, so far, Redgate had the right to advise companies on capital structure, business strategy or mergers and acquisitions. The new services will be gradually developed and offered during 2022.

The new authorization by Estonian financial supervision authority Finantsinspektsioon gives Redgate Capital the right to provide various investment and other ancillary services. The new authorization permits Redgate Capital to provide investment advisory to private investors and to execute securities orders in the name and on account of clients.

The new authorization also gives the right to hold and manage the securities of clients, carry out investment and financial analysis, or give general recommendations about securities transactions.

“In other words, we will be able to advise investors in making their investment decisions and support them with investment and financial analysis based on our team’s experience,” added Valeria Kiisk.

Redgate Capital is an investment banking company founded in 2008, operating in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Redgate Capital has advised nearly 2 billion euros worth of transactions in the Baltics during the past 14 years. The company is working together with more than 500 investors and companies in the three Baltic countries.

Redgate Capital is the certified advisor of First North.


Additional information:

Aare Tammemäe
Partner, Redgate Capital

Valeria Kiisk
Partner, Redgate Capital

Dinas Petrikas
Manager of Client Relations at Redgate Capital in Lithuania

Janis Dubrovskis
Manager of Client Relations at Redgate Capital in Latvia