Redgate Capital supports project “Micro:bit for every Lithuanian kid”

Redgate Capital supported Lithuanian social project “Micro:bit for every Lithuanian kid”. Their main goal is to give micro: bit for every child in Lithuania and increase computer literacy.

Redgate Capital is mentioned on the project’s Facebook page:

Hurrah, dear Estonians! That feeling when many Lithuanian companies need super long to consider (our project) and Estonians just buy 83 micro:bits for Lithuanian children! Mr Aare Tammemäe, Senior Partner and Member of the Board, of the investment bank Redgate capital, explains: „We were happy to contribute to the social project related to increasing computer literacy in the early stages of school studies. We are pan-Baltic financial advisory company and we support projects that would benefit computer or financial education on the pan-Baltic scale.” Nothing to add here: Estonians FTW (for the win)!