Redgate Capital is supporting Estonian culture

Art and culture may often go hand-in-hand with business and entrepreneurship – Redgate Capital is supporting the making of an Estonian film „Deemonid“ („ Demons“).

Our goal in such venture is to promote and support the development of Estonian film making industry and culture in general.

Film „Deemonid“ is a tragical/comical story about lies that are told for a noble purpose. The consequences of such lies are though often unexpected and unpredictable. The director of the film is Ain Mäeots. The cast is well known Estonian actors, featuring Tambet Tuisk, Ene Järvis, Ain Lutsepp and many others.

The film is supported by foundations, funds, private companies and private persons. In addition, the filmmakers are welcoming all the other companies and private individuals who are ready to support the making of the film.

In case of interest, please contact the producer of the film Ms Anneli Ahven:
tel: +372 5562 2041