Redgate Capital Expands Its Operations

In order to reach its short-term objectives, Redgate Capital, formerly a private limited company, has been turned into a limited company.

Redgate Capital’s field of activity includes corporate finance, asset management and alternative investments services.

Redgate Capital’s restructuring into a public limited company was performed in order to be able to offer more professional services, particularly in the area of financial advisory services. At the same time, the Redgate Capital Group is expanding its activities in all of the sectors described below.

The company has successfully contributed to 12 transactions in the years 2009 and 2010, including the purchase of the Loksa Shipyard, the restructuring of the Sportland International Group, the sale of Norby Telecom to Linxtelecom, the restructuring of ABC Group’s bonds as well as bond issuing for Creditstar.

Currently Redgate Capital is contributing to 6 transactions within the scope of capital-raising as well as companies’ buy-sell projects.

In addition to financial advisory services, Redgate Capital offers asset management (Redgate Asset Management AS, which has been granted the permission by the Financial Supervision Authority to provide investment advice and portfolio management services) and alternative investments (Redgate Alternative Investments) services.

Redgate Capital started preliminary activities in the second half of 2008, real business activities started in 2009. Taking into account the costs of running business, in 2008 the company encountered a loss of 3.1 million. In 2009 alone the company made revenue amounting to 10.2 million, while the loss amounted to 1.4 million. For the second half of 2009 the new criterion for project activities was to achieve profitability. Here Redgate Capital is focusing on profitable projects.

Mart Altvee, Veikko Maripuu and Aare Tammemäe, who are also senior partners of the Group, are the managing directors. Veikko Maripuu and Andrei Zaborski are the managing directors of Redgate Asset Management AS. The supervisory board consists of Indrek Prants, Mart Altvee and Aare Tammemäe. Redgate Asset Management AS is 100% owned by AS Redgate Capital.

Mart Altvee and Veikko Maripuu are the managing directors of OÜ Redgate Alternative Investments. OÜ Redgate Alternative Investments is 100% owned by AS Redgate Capital.

Redgate Capital is owned by the following parent company senior partners and entrepreneurs:

  • Veikko Maripuu, Mart Altvee and Aare Tammemäe (jointly through the company Neva Capital OÜ): 67%
  • Ambient Sound Investments OÜ: 8,25%
  • Indrek Prants (Entacom OÜ): 8,25%
  • Sven Mansberg (Relaxor OÜ): 8,25%
  • Armin Kõomägi (Trebicom OÜ): 8,25%