Peeter Koppel joins Redgate Wealth as chief investment officer (Press release)

Peeter Koppel, who has almost 25 years of experience in the financial markets, including nearly 15 years as an investment strategist at SEB private banking, has joined Redgate Wealth, Redgate Capital’s investment management business unit.

According to Peeter Koppel, he and the whole Redgate Wealth’s 12-member team are committed to bring a new investment service in the Estonian market. “I have been involved in creating investment strategies for a long time, and as Redgate Wealth’s chief investment officer, my task is to create distinctive strategies that include not only conventional instruments but also non-listed assets, local success stories and alternative investments. I have always believed that diversifying risks involves also diversifying risks among different service providers. And the more those service providers differ from each other, the better the previous idea works – the more opportunities investors have. My experience suggests that there is clearly a need for a distinctive approach.”

According to Redgate Capital partner Aare Tammemäe, Redgate Capital has been continuingly developing, aiming to be a trendsetter in the financial sector in the Baltics.

“Our investment management business unit, Redgate Wealth, which was created earlier this year, is also creating something new – something new for both ourselves and our investors. We see that Estonian investors increasingly need a more active investment management service. In addition to traditional global strategies, we offer our clients – under Peeter’s leadership – a personalized service and access to private deals throughout the Baltics.”

Redgate Wealth is Redgate Capital’s investment management business unit, which helps investors find their investment journey and diversify their portfolios by participating in private deals, local success stories and alternative asset classes – alongside global investments.
Redgate Capital is an investment firm established in 2008, which operates under the authorization 4.1-1/32, 4.1-1/7 issued by the Financial Supervision Authority.

For more information:
Aare Tammemäe,, partner, 506 7147
Peeter Koppel,, chief investment officer, 522 5255