Investment Banker: Estonia may become an IT Testing Ground (Postimees, in Estonian)

Estonia would be the ideal place to test the reliability of IT solutions, says investment banker and Redgate Capital partner Veikko Maripuu, speaking on Kuku radio.

According to Maripuu, the majority of IT companies are willing to test solutions designed for bigger customers on smaller groups. Due to its size, Estonia is an ideal place for just that.

However, Maripuu finds that our small size also brings problems that will not disappear if our capacities are exhausted.”That two-thirds of our employees work in the IT sector is impossible,” he said.

Maripuu drew a parallel to Luxembourg, where the financial sector dominates. At the same time, only 20-30 percent of that sector’s employees work there, with the majority of the employed coming from outside the country.”We are a closed society, we cannot afford a mobile workforce such as in Luxembourg,” he said.

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