Client Story: Indrek Prants (MyInvest)

2018 is very special for us – Redgate Capital is turning 10. This period has accommodated a lot – painful economic downturn, solid recovery as well as many fascinating projects and satisfied clients. Our clients’ satisfaction after successful completion of a project is the best acknowledgement of our work! During our anniversary year, we will publish 10 client stories, where our clients share their experiences and thoughts on collaboration with us. We hope that those will show the principles and values of Redgate Capital from a client’s perspective.

Hereby please enjoy the first story – the one of Indrek Prants, one of the most distinguished businessmen in Estonia. We have collaborated with Indrek on several occasions: we advised acquisition of Bauhof, Myfitness, Klick and Rocca al Mare Tennisekeskus as well as divestment of Mustamäe Keskus. And what’s more, we are proud to say that Indrek was one of the co-founders of Redgate Capital in 2008.