Business Brunch: Newsec Property Outlook 2019

Newsec Baltic Property Outlook

Baltic investment banking company Redgate Capital and Newsec – a full service property house in Northern Europe – held an event on 16th of April in Tallinn “Newsec Property Outlook, Spring, 2019”. Presentations were made by Mindaugas Kulbokas (Newsec), Martynas Babilas (Newsec), Neringa Rastenyte-Janciuniene (Newsec) and Aare Tammemäe (Redgate Capital). Newsec’s representatives gave an overview about the macro situation and impact to real estate market, retail market tendencies, Baltic and Estonian real estate market and trends. Redgate Capital presented an overview of the real estate financing market. In addition to the above, Indrek Mihhels (Redgate Capital), Madis Raidma (East Capital) and Raiko Uri (Lumi Capital) participated in the panel discussion.

You can find the presentations here:
Baltic Property Outlook 2019
NPO_Presentation in Tallinn
NPO_Spring 2019
Real-Estate Capital Market Overview
Tallinn Office Market 2019
Tallinn Office Outlook 2019