Back to Redgate in the News AS Redgate Capital becomes a Certified Adviser of the Alternative Market First North (NASDAQ OMX Tallinn)

As of yesterday, October 6, 2010, AS Redgate Capital has been approved as a Certified Adviser on the alternative market First North in Estonia. Altogether 18 Certified Advisers are acting on First North in the Baltic countries; eight of them, including AS Redgate Capital, provide services in Estonia.

Aare Tammemäe, the Senior Partner of AS Redgate Capital, says: „We see more small and medium size enterprises seeking alternative capital raising solutions besides traditional bank financing and First North would suit many of them very well. Capital markets are becoming more important in coming years to finance the companies’ growth ambitions. Redgate Capital is a suitable partner for the companies seeking new growth capital based on our Partners’ experience and recent  M&A and capital raising transactions.“

Kalle Viks, the Head of Issuer Services of NASDAQ OMX Tallinn, adds that increasing number of active advisers on alternative market improves entrepreneurs’ possibilities and widens the variety of financing alternatives.

First North gives growth companies easier access to equity capital and visibility in the Baltic financial markets. The companies admitted to trading on First North are given the same possibilities as companies listed on a regulated market, but the regulations are lighter. A company is required to have Certified Adviser, supporting the company in complying with the disclosure requirements and other rules, so that investors have sufficient amount of information in order to take investment decisions.

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