Back to Redgate in the News Altvee: Ecoprint focuses on Sweden and Norway (Äripäev, in Estonian)

Newly appointed member of the Board of Redgate’s recent acquisition Ecoprint, Mart Altvee says that initially the printing industry will focus on increasing exports to Sweden ja Norway and that significant investments into production equipment have already been made.

Interview: Äripäev.

Please tell us a bit more about the export plan approved by Enterprise Estonia. Are there any new target countries?

The export plan approved by Enterprise Estonia will focus on Sweden and Norway as target markets. As new owners, we are also paying special attention to other export markets in the neighboring regions. Preparations for this are underway.

How big are the investments necessary in order to modernize and further automate the post-printing process?

Ecoprint bought a new Horizon folding machine in September 2010. This is not a modernization of our equipment as much as it is an improvement. The new device adds greater flexibility to post-printing processes and improves speed and efficiency, in particular to the production of magazines, brochures and booklets. No other major production investments are required in the short term.

How big is the amount of money Redgate is planning to invest in Ecoprint? What will this money be used for?

Significant investments in production have already been made. In the nearest future we will focus mainly on the better use of Ecoprint’s export potential and sales processes. We will decide upon additional production investments upon reaching the limit of the current production capacity.

In your press release you seem to say that Juhan Peedimaa will hand over the running of Ecoprint’s daily business to Redgate Capital. What does this mean?

According to the agreements with the new company owners, Juhan Peedimaa will join the supervisory board in order to pass on his experience and support the company. Margo Tärn and Erika Illison will continue in their present management positions. I will also join the Management Board for the time being, but the company intends to bring in new forces in the export and sales area.

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