ABC Group Ltd Bond Restructuring in the Amount of EUR 6.5 mln

Redgate Capital advised ABC Group by leading the negotiations with bond-investors to restructure its bond issue.

Redgate Capital successfully completed the restructuring of ABC Group’s bonds with a nominal value of EUR 6,500,000 issued on 18th June 2007.

As a result of negotiations, ABC Group signed waiver agreements with Investors holding 6,213 bonds with a total nominal value of EUR 6,213,000, representing 95.58% of the Issue. 4,42% of the Issue  was redeemed by ABC Group pursuant to the restructuring plan. According to the new bond issue agreement, bonds shall be redeemed at maturity on 18th June 2010.

The amended bond terms facilitate the preservation of the Issuers operating liquidity at a sustainable level.

ABC Group is one of the largest consolidated groups based on Estonian capital, uniting trade enterprises, and its eight enterprises provide jobs for 580 people. The most well-known enterprises of the group are AbeStock AS, ABC Motors AS and ABC Supermarkets AS.