Aare Tammemäe was the moderator of the British-Estonian Financial Technology Conference

Financial Technology Conference was held on 20th of March in Tallinn, and was jointly organised by the UK Embassy Tallinn, UK Trade & Investment and FinanceEstonia. The aim of the high-level fintech conference was to discuss the most acute trends, challenges and opportunities that exist today in the field.

British Ambassador to Estonia Chris Holtby said that London is European financial center and also the most international financial center in the world. Technology is becoming more and more important in providing financing services, and forthcoming conference provides an excellent opportunity to combine Estonian pioneering technological expertise and talents with all those opportunities that London and the UK have to offer. The focus of the conference was on the already existing solutions to various problems, but the attention was also driven to the potential great new technologies, emphasized Holtby.

The mutual interest of Estonia and the UK towards the joint cooperation and the field’s development began when the Lord Mayor of London Sir Roger Gifford, who is the highest British representaative of the financial sector, visited Estonia in April last year. Lord Mayor’s visit to Estonia was followed by a follow-up conference in London in October, also with his participation. The conference was organised by UK Trade & Investment and FinanceEstonia with the aim to introduce the most innovative technological solutions to the financial sector.

The aim of the conference on 20th of March was to bring together British and Estonian financial- and technological experts in order to get an overview of each party’s needs and services offered, find new partners, and also strengthen mutual relationships.

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