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Overview of investment risks

This overview has been prepared by AS Redgate Capital for the purpose of notifying potential investors of the main investment risks associated with equity and bond investments. An investor is independently responsible for making investment decisions in such a manner that they correspond to the risk level desired by the investor.

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Client classification criteria

Pursuant to the requirements of the Securities Market Act (subsection 46 (11)), AS Redgate Capital (hereinafter the Company) is required to establish written procedures for treating clients.

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Principles for protection and safekeeping of the assets of clients

These Principles for Protection and Safekeeping of the Assets of Clients (hereinafter the Principles) describe how AS Redgate Capital (hereinafter the Company) has arranged the safekeeping and protection of the securities and money of its clients.

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Procedure for resolution of client complaints

The purpose of this Procedure for Resolution of Client Complaints (hereinafter the Procedure) is to regulate the procedure for resolution of client complaints in AS Redgate Capital and its subsidiaries (hereinafter jointly the Company or Redgate Group).

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Financial results

2019 Consolidated annual report

2018 Consolidated annual report

2017 Consolidated annual report

2016 Consolidated annual report

2015 Consolidated annual report