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Mes priimame stažuotojus visus metus.

Suteikiame Jums galimybę dalyvauti finansų patarėjo projektuose.

Įvairios užduotys, susijusios su mūsų realiais projektais.

Laukiame Jūsų prašymų:

– Jei Jūs studijuojate ekonomiką/finansus
– Jei Jūs turite puikius komunikacinius gebėjimus tiek žodžiu tiek rašytu estų arba latvių arba lietuvių ir anglų kalbomis
– Jei Jūs gerai dirbate kompiuteriu (ypač MS Office programomis)
– Jei Jūs esate atsakingas, sistemiškas bei nebijote iššūkių

Pagrindinės užduotys:

– Įmonių ir industrijų analizė
– Duomenų rinkimas, sisteminimas ir analizė
– Įmonių vertinimas, rizikos analizė
– Bendravimas su klientais, verslo partneriais

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Ankstesnių stažuotojų atsiliepimai

Kadi Kalamees

Investment banking trainee in 2016

In the course of my brief but exciting traineeship, I felt very much involved in all activities. During this time, I managed to analyse annual reports and compile an overview of the optics market and the alcohol market. The most fascinating part of the traineeship was to see the real and busy daily life of investment banking. The most surprising experience was drawing up documents for presentation, which made me realise that this is a true skill.Thank you, Redgate team, for this exciting challenge!

Ilja Ivanov

Investment banking trainee in 2016

Redgate traineeship helped me learn and better understand the processes behind valuation and forecasting, e.g. how to find reliable information, analyse companies and present the results in a clear and structured fashion. Redgate team was helpful and encouraged me to ask questions and express my opinion. All in all, this is a wonderful place to do your traineeship.

Lisette Starostin

Investment banking trainee in 2017
My summer traineeship at Redgate Capital left me with extremely positive emotions. In addition to friendly and helpful colleagues, who took the time and answered each and every one of my questions, a big pro was also the fact that the assignments were related to the actual projects the company was working on. I was given both easier and more complicated tasks, which put my skills to the test. What I really liked, was how trainees were seen not only as students or observers, but actual employees. Because of this, I gained very practical professional work experience and know-how.

Karl Ivar Maar

Investment banking trainee in 2017
Analyst with Redgate Capital since 2018

My Redgate Capital traineeship lasted for two months and I completed it at the end of 2017. It was very informative and allowed me to apply my prior theoretical knowledge in practice. The job consisted of drawing up financial reports and mapping companies. At the end of my traineeship, I clearly felt how my analysis capacity and knowledge of companies operating in Estonia and abroadhad broadened. Redgate staff made the traineeship period easier. This is a young, helpful and ambitious team that helps its new members and makes the work process understandable and informative. Clearly, there is still a lot to learn, but the experience gained at Redgate provided a solid foundation to build on.