Investment Banking

Redgate Capital is an independent partnership-based investment banking company, offering a wide range of financial advisory services tailored to meet the needs of Baltic SMEs. Our main services cover corporate mergers and acquisitions (M&A), capital raising advisory and commercial real estate advisory.

Redgate Capital was established in 2008 by long-term specialists from financial sector.

To date, we have advised over 55 M&A transactions with combined value of nearly 150 mln euros.

We have also developed to become one of the largest capital raising advisors in the Baltics, assisting in raising over 250 mln euros in different capital types. Our real estate advisory team has completed nearly 150 mln euro worth of real estate deals. 

We have over 500 investor contacts as well as enjoy long-term collaboration with many companies in the region, offering clients best possible service.


Corporate mergers and acquistions (M&A)

We offer a full range of services related to M&A: divestment and acquisition of shares in the companies; corporate mergers; management buyouts; restructuring. Our team is one of the most experienced in the region.

We operate across Baltics, with office in Tallinn. Also, we have a wide and international contact network - such, in Scandinavia we collaborate with the leading regional advisor, Carnegie Investment Bank. 


Capital raising

Sustainable development of a company requires sufficient access to capital. Redgate Capital possesses long-term experience in capital raising - to date, we have helped Baltic companies raise over 200 mln euros worth of capital.

Compared to other regions, Baltic companies are still rather seldom users of alternative financing schemes (e.g. stock offerings, bond issues, mezzanine financing). Compared to bank loans, the capital market instruments offer more flexibility and independence. Also, the capital market is helpful for projects, where bank financing is not available or the conditions set by the banks are impeding company's growth. Joint impact of bank and capital markets' financing offers companies solid growth opportunities. 

Advising capital raising transactions, we start by mapping company's financing need and advise on the possible financing solutions. 


Real estate advisory

We offer Baltic real estate owners advisory services, focusing on execution of commercial real estate transactions as well as real estate financing solutions. Commercial real estate covers many segments, including retail, office, industrial premises, logictics centers and hotels.

In November of 2018 Redgate Capital and the leading real estate broker in Northern Europe Newsec signed a mutual partnership. The outcome of this partnership is that the real estate advisory team of Redgate Capital will continue offering their services in Baltic countries under Newsec brand.


Our services in real estate:

- Strategic advisory, including analysis of the cycles of the real estate prices (economic environment, rate and yield dynamics), corresponding analysis on the object value and strategy development for execution of the real estate transaction 
- Advisory and execution of real estate transactions
- Coordinating and setting up the real estate due diligence process 
- Advisory in raising financing for real estate transaction, including:
- sale and leaseback transactions
- financing of real estate development and commercial real estate transactions (including equity capital raising, advisory on bank or syndicate loans, mezzanine/bond financing)

Our competitive advantages include wide range of financial advisory services, competent team and solid network across Baltics. We have a wide network of real estate owners in the Baltic as well as good knowledge of active regional real estate investors - institutional and private investors, asset management companies and other corporations from different regions. We advise transactions in the capital cities in the Baltics as well as in other popular locations in the region.